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  • Alternative Text

    Alternative text is a text equivalent of an image’s purpose. Also referred to as alt text. Most text editors, including Microsoft Office products, have a way to add alt text. Questions to ask when writing alternative text: What is the … Continued

  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)

    ARIA works with assistive technologies like screen readers. Add ARIA attributes to HTML to provide users with information from dynamic and interactive elements. According to WebAIM, “home pages with ARIA present averaged 26.7 more detectable errors than pages without ARIA!” … Continued

  • Accessibility Statements

    An accessibility statement shows your commitment to accessibility. It lets users know you care about them and their access to your digital content. You can use these two examples from educational publishing companies to develop your own statement: Pearson McGraw-Hill … Continued

  • Keyboard Testing Your Site

    Keyboard testing is a helpful measure to check for things like focus flow, skip navigation, and focus vs hover states. Use the resources below to see how keyboard testing works. WIA’s keyboard compatibility recommendations WebAim’s keyboard testing recommendations