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Zoom Accessibility

September 10, 2021

Do you host any meetings or events via Zoom? Zoom is a very accessible video conferencing platform. However, there are still things that you the presenter can to to help ensure an inclusive event for all attendees. In this training, … Continued

Zoom Live Transcripts (Live Captions)

October 7, 2020

**Page is being viewed temporarily. See the most recent guidance on this feature at Zoom Live Automatic Caption Page Follow the steps in this document to turn on Zoom’s live captioning service called Live Automatic Transcriptions. We recommend using live … Continued

Choosing an Accessible Video Platform

June 16, 2021

Not all video platforms are created with accessibility in mind. Choosing the best platform for your videos is important. Here are a few things you should consider when browsing for media players: Does the media player support closed captions? REMEMBER: … Continued

Keep it Text

March 11, 2021

When is it not text Images that have text in them, including infographics, fliers, pictures, and some scanned PDFs, do not provide the content to all viewers. How to keep it text Take the text out of images and put … Continued

Alternative Text

February 3, 2021

What is Alternative Text? Alternative text (also known as alt text) is the text equivalent of an image in context. All images must have alt text. It is essential for screen reader users to access that image content. Also, if … Continued

Register for DAO Training

January 27, 2021

To better serve our UNC community we have two forms of registrations available. Permanent employees should use the Carolina Talent link so we can ensure you get credit for taking our courses. Temp workers, students and other affiliates should use … Continued

Digital Accessibility Liaisons

January 26, 2021

Interested in becoming a liaison? We welcome anyone at Carolina to join our Microsoft Team. What we do Digital Accessibility Liaisons (DAL) advocate for accessibility in all aspects of campus life. We promote digital accessibility by learning about, sharing, and … Continued

Top 10 Tips for Digital Accessibility

October 15, 2020

All digital content created for UNC business must be accessible to all users. Based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), these tips are a starting point for accessibility. WCAG is an internationally accepted set of guidelines published by the … Continued


October 7, 2020

What are captions? Captions are the text version of the audio information in a video or animation. The text synchronizes with the video’s action. They include all spoken words, identification of the speaker, and important sounds likes music or laughter. … Continued

Captioning Vendors

October 7, 2020

There are plenty of different third-party captioning companies out there. Please feel free to research the company that will work best for you. The two companies that the DAO has some experience with are 3Play Media and Rev. 3Play Media … Continued