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Automatic Captions for Live Video

October 7, 2020

Any live video event produced by UNC should have some form of live captions. Captions help to ensure equal access to content while also being in compliance with federal laws and university policy. For large public and high profile events … Continued

3Play Media Captioning Services

October 7, 2020

What is 3Play Media? 3Play Media offers accurate captioning services for video and audio content. The Digital Accessibility Office set up a campus contract with 3Play Media. This means that all departments have access to 3Play Media‚Äôs services and features … Continued


March 13, 2020

We provide recommendations and training on accessibility tools that best suit your workflow needs. Current tools include: 3PlayMedia Equidox Fusion (JAWS and ZoomText), Windows only JAWS Inspect, Windows only Siteimprove Need help? If you have questions or concerns, you can … Continued


September 30, 2019

Request Our Services Our approach focuses on accessibility as a process, not a one-time project. We will work with you to provide resources and support depending on the service or your project. To get started, submit an online help request … Continued

Video and Audio

September 24, 2019

Multimedia, like video and audio, has special accessibility considerations. All users should be able to access the content in your video or audio recording regardless of format or disability. This generally means all videos need captions and all audio recordings … Continued